Lease License

If you are a land agent, be aware that the WMAA lease license may only be purchased in a landowner's name. As such, this form allows a land agent to purchase the lease license in the landowner's name without the landowner's signature.

Leave the top section of the form blank. Begin filling out below the underlined phrase, "Individual landowner's personal information and signature required below." (Remember, if you are a land agent the personal information should be that of the landowner, not yourself.) The landowner's driver's license number and Social Security number are MANDATORY. Forms lacking a driver's license number or Social Security number will not be processed by Texas Parks and Wildlife. If you are a landowner purchasing the license for your own properties, or a land agent purchasing the license on behalf of the landowner, you must print and sign your name, and date the form. Land agents must also provide their date of birth and driver's license state and number below their signature.

The cost of the lease license is $10 ($6 license fee + $4 to cover the acreage surcharge assessed to the LCWMA). Please mail completed forms, along with payment made payable to LCWMA, to the following address:

LCWMA P.O. Box 524 Hallettsville, TX 77964

Forms must be returned to the LCWMA no later than September 20, 2020. The lease license will be mailed back to the landowner/land agent once purchased by the LCWMA. For lease license questions call Joel Wagner, LCWMA Chairman, at 361-798-6506.

Lease License Application